The Challenge

Pelican Products, Inc.—the leading manufacturer of world-class polymer protective cases—partnered with Hanson Dodge to launch a new product line. Pelican Air—a line of cases 40 percent lighter than the competition—would be the first in a series of innovations in a category that hadn’t seen any significant advances or improvements in several years.

The objective? Achieve revenue goals by creating a campaign that speaks to Pelican’s innovation and industry-standard quality.

The Solution

During the initial research and discovery phase, Hanson Dodge discovered an opportunity to use this product launch to set a new standard for internal tools, education and communication to empower Pelican’s salesforce and partner dealers to achieve sales goals.

Hanson Dodge's strategy was to create a campaign that would speak with equal authority to four key audiences: the Pelican organization, salesforce and dealers, and the professionals they serve. The campaign was driven by two big strategic ideas, one internally focused—that Pelican Air would give rise to a renewed commitment to Pelican’s customers, products and brand—and one externally focused—the Pelican Air line is the first in a series of innovations from the pioneers of the polymer protective case.

Following a comprehensive internal launch, campaign activation included a product video for digital distribution, dealer sales kits, print ads and digital ads, guided by a targeted, digital media strategy.

The Results

The Pelican Air product launch exceeded the original sales target by more than 100 percent, resulting in all inventory being quickly sold out.

Perhaps more importantly, Pelican Air successfully generated excitement within the category, unified the company’s salesforce and created an opportunity for consumers to use another product from a company they love.

Pelican called the campaign, “the most successful product launch in recent history.”

  • 200%+

    Of Revenue Goal