The Challenge

Quantum Sails, the second largest sail manufacturer in the world, set out on an agency search with the goal of launching a new website. But after meeting with Hanson Dodge, Quantum quickly realized that a new website alone was not the solution. They had a compelling story to tell, but needed an internal and external brand position that accurately told that story and could be used as a rallying call for the company and its customers.

The Solution

Hanson Dodge conducted extensive research and analysis and worked closely with constituents across the global Quantum Sails community to identify a brand position that gets to the core of what unites the brand and its consumers. The result was a new tagline, “To the next challenge,” which was first unveiled in a live-streamed global brand webinar.

“When Hanson Dodge presented to us the concept of ‘To the next challenge’ it just hit home. It made so much sense for the company, for our position in the industry and, probably most importantly, for the challenges that everyone in the company deals with every single day,” Quantum Sails President Ed Reynolds said.

Along with a new logo and tagline, Quantum and Hanson Dodge launched an integrated campaign that elevated a No. 2 brand to a true challenger, ready to vie for market leadership.

New Digital Experience

The research and analysis also revealed the importance of digital in the path to purchase for sailing enthusiasts which informed the launch of the next phase of the campaign—a new Quantum Sails website featuring a transformed e-commerce experience and a robust community section with “Ask the Expert” interactivity.

Print Ads

The Results

The digital media buy alone garnered nearly five million paid digital impressions in the first few months following the campaign’s launch.

More importantly, Quantum's new digital platform is engaging consumers in the path to purchase, driving them to sail lofts and allowing them to transact online.

The new Quantum Sails tagline and brand position has served as a powerful unifying force for Quantum Sails employees and clients.

"I’m so excited going forward because for the very first time, we all have a common bond that we can hold to,” Reynolds said of the new brand position.

  • Gold W3 Award

    Consumer Goods Website
  • 165% Increase

    Direct Website Traffic
  • 35% Increase

    Organic Traffic