The Challenge

Put on by the United Adworkers of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee 99 Show (MKE 99) is the city’s premier advertising awards show recognizing the 99 best pieces of advertising and creativity each year. As winners of the 2015 "Best of Show" award, Hanson Dodge was tapped to develop concept and creative for the show book and event that embodied the creativity of a mid-sized Midwest city with bigger than life talent.

The Solution

We realized it’s pretty easy for ad professionals to get caught up in the idea of winning big national awards, especially when they’re doing great work. We wanted our concept to remind everyone in Milwaukee, that the proving ground is first and foremost right here in our backyard. And that the competition is a bit tougher than it gets credit for. Our concept, CONQUER MKE, paired iconic Milwaukee landmarks with creatures hell bent on conquering the city to let anyone who is eyeing ad world domination know, you’ll have to Conquer MKE first.